#Radioactive Turf in Nursery School in Akita Prefecture

Diposkan oleh Pengetahuan dan Pengalaman on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The willful ignorance, or the determination to carry on with their lives they knew before March 11, of many Japanese is driving me crazy.

A nursery school in Akita Prefecture bought turf from Ibaraki Prefecture, which is located south of Fukushima Prefecture and was doused with radioactive materials by downwind from Fukushima I Nuke Plant creating areas with high radiation, in middle of July. Small children were playing on the freshly installed turf. Then the city came and measured the air radiation level. Guess what. It was high.


From Yomiuri Shinbun local Akita version (9/8/2011):


Yokote City in Akita Prefecture announced on September 7 that the air radiation level above the turf in the school yard at Soai Nursery School (118 children) was 0.135 microsievert/hr, exceeding the normal maximum level in Akita Prefecture of 0.086 microsievert/hr. The school didn't open on September 7, and removed the turf.


The city had been measuring the air radiation levels since September 5 at 56 facilities including nursery schools. The survey done at this particular nursery school on September 5 revealed abnormal levels at 1 centimeter from the surface of the turf, 50 centimeters, and 1 meter. There was no abnormality outside the turfed area.


The turf was bought by a landscaping contractor in Yokote City from a dealer in Tsukuba City in Ibaraki Prefecture. 800 square meters of the school yard were covered with the turf on July 21. The contractor removed the turf on September 7 and measured the radiation, which was then dropped to normal levels.


The city says "We don't think it is a dangerous level, but we want to be cautious".


The city plans to measure the radiation on September 8, and if there is no abnormal reading the nursery school will open on September 9. The city will measure the density of radioactive materials in the removed turf.

No news of what happened to the turf or what kind of radioactive material density it had.