#Radiation in Japan: 1/4 of Germany's Bayerische Staatsoper Refuse to Come and Perform in Japan For Radiation Contamination Fear

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Germany's Bayerische Staatsoper was scheduled to come to Japan to perform some Wagnerian operas, but 100 members including top singers and orchestra members, or one-quarter of the entire members at the theater who were scheduled to come, have refused to come to Japan for the fear of radiation contamination.

Call it "baseless rumor" all they want, but the opera lovers in Japan should be very disappointed.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (9/16/2011):


It was revealed on September 15 that 100 members of Bayerische Staatsoper refused to come to Japan for the fear of radiation contamination from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. Bayerische Staatsoper, based in Munich, Germany, is scheduled to perform starting late September. 400 members were scheduled to come to Japan.


The performances in Japan will include "Lohengrin" by Wagner, and are scheduled from September 23 to October 10, mostly in Tokyo.


According to the public relations of the opera, they will hire performers from outside temporarily to fill the vacancies.


It's not clear how many people are not coming in orchestra, chorus, and theater technology. The Japanese organization who invited the opera has announced that several leading singers have canceled the trip. Those who will not come to Japan will take 4-week unpaid vacation.

The leading tenor in "Lohengrin", Jonas Kaufmann, canceled the trip due to a surgery scheduled in early September. He is one of the most sought-after tenors in the world.

Checking the major sponsor's site (Canon), the performances will be in Tokyo, and Kanagawa (Yokohama City).

Well, even if Yokohama loses the Staatsoper, the triathlon world championship is still good to go over the weekend in Yokohama City. The swimming portion is in Tokyo Bay of course. Mayor Hayashi said in the press conference the other day that the world-class triathletes are coming to Yokohama.