Jouer Highlighter in Tiare

Diposkan oleh Pengetahuan dan Pengalaman on Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm sure you know the feeling. You're browsing online at a site like Jouer Cosmetics, and you spot a product type you can't resist. There are three shades available. You don't know which one to order, so you select one randomly. That's how I chose Tiare Highlighter ($20) at Jouer Cosmetics. I could just have easily selected one - or two - of the other shades, and I now think I need them too.

My choice, Tiare, is described as a shimmering gold. That's a simple, but perfectly accurate description. I'm sure I could wear the other two shades. Camellia is a shimmering pearl white (shown above), and Champagne is a shimmering pink. The three available shades are designed to complement all skin tones.

These lightweight cream highlighters instantly illuminate cheekbones, eyes, and décolleté, providing a stunning luminescence with a sheer, sheen finish. It gleams, not shines, for a sophisticated look.
Our sunlight had disappeared for the day, and by the time I got out to get a swatch photo or two, it was pretty dark. I'm sorry my photos are dark. I applied the highlighter with a cream shadow brush in a fairly large area to show you the Tiare shade.

I used the rose as a backdrop for one of the photos to show you that the color isn't pink. Against my skin in the second photo at left, the shade "leans" rose. It shows as a more golden shade in the last swatch photo here.

I try not to get hung up on shade descriptions because skin tone makes a huge difference. What might look one color on me may look another on you. I would describe Tiare as a gold with just a tiny hint of rose in it on my skin (which has pink undertones) in certain lighting. How's that for hedging? It's definitely not rose gold, though, and I don't want to mislead you.

One adjective I will use in describing it is gorgeous. The color gleams, and it adds a polished look on the high points of my face - the perfect highlighter.

The small compact is designed to connects to any Jouer custom palette. I like to store my products individually, and this one went straight to my bathroom. Now I'm waiting for another online special. I want the other two!

Photo at top courtesy of Jouer Cosmetics; other photos by Best Things in Beauty